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Our values

Our Values

We make the difference

For more than 35 years at Multiasistencia For more than 35 years at Multiasistencia we have helped insurance companies to improve their services and expand their capabilities to achieve better business performance.

Our innovative and pioneering claims management model has allowed us not only to consolidate our position in the Spanish market, but also to take a leap onto the international market. Multiasistencia is currently present in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Brazil.


The outcome of 35 years of work

Our long track record in the insurance market positions us as the benchmark in the home assistance sector by offering an integrated solution, now fully digital and entirely specialist and tailored.


A market benchmark

Our operational, business and financial model positions us as the perfect partner to drive the achievement of the business goals of our customers, to whom we offer innovative and tailored solutions.


We are case studies in leading Business Schools

Multiasistencia has exported its model outside Spain. It is currently present in five countries and has been a case study at Harvard, IE, IESE and ESADE for its operating model and its ability to extend its solution to other geographies.

Innovation and technology

Innovative DNA

The innovative spirit that distinguishes Multiasistencia has enabled it to design and implement a 100% digitised operation that fosters the automation of processes and the elimination of mistakes.

We provide our customers unique solutions developed in partnership with major technology partners worldwide: Google, Amazon, Microsoft… This solid bet on technology will allow us, among other alternatives, to handle setting up of claims via chatbot and voicebot, to include digital models of cost and quality prediction in our processes or to add business rules for the coverage of a claim depending on the value of the customer. All this automatically and in real time.