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Social Responsibility

We are committed to the well-being of people and the environment

Since its inception, Multiasistencia has always remained committed to improving the well-being of people in all the settings in which it operates. To do so, the company develops its business model based on a number of corporate social responsibility criteria that are applied to all its stakeholders: employees, customers and the public. The organisation also works actively in all its markets to safeguard and improve the environment.

Employees. Commitment to work-life balance

Multiasistencia has a solid commitment to work-life balance and equal opportunities. As a result of its efforts in this regard, the company every year renews the Family Responsible Company (EFR) certification granted by the Más Familia Foundation.

Multiasistencia is also an example of best practice in teleworking, with 25% of the total staff working remotely.

Transparency and ethical conduct with our customers

Multiasistencia assures dialogue and transparency in the business relationship with all its customers, clearly and truthfully communicating all information related to the services offered and the management process.

Integration and improvement of people's quality of life

To contribute actively to the social improvement of the communities in which it operates is a firm commitment of Multiasistencia. The company is especially committed to people facing the risk of social exclusion such as homeless people, persons with intellectual disabilities and women who are victims of gender violence


Respect and care for the environment

Multiasistencia has a continuous commitment for the protection and care of the environment. In this regard, the company has a energy saving policy and the use of low-polluting materials. It also collaborates with and supports non-profit organisations that carry out activities associated with the conservation of natural environments.

Handbook of best environmental practices

The Handbook of Best Environmental Practices sets out the measures implemented in terms of energy consumption of electricity, water, heat and cold, and everything related to the consumption of paper and toner, following the strategy of the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and in terms of waste generation. Multiasistencia also promotes the use of telework as a means of reducing pollution in large cities.

We nurture nature

Multiasistencia takes part in actions for the conservation and protection of the environment such as the 1m2 for nature initiative, promoted by SEO/Birdlife and Ecoembes to remove rubbish from natural environments in Spain. Volunteers from the company carried out a cleaning and characterisation work in the Southeast Regional Park, Madrid.

Transparency reports

At Multiasistencia we are committed to transparency, publishing each year a report on the state of non-financial information and diversity.