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El activo más importante de la compañía

Las personas que integran la plantilla de profesionales de Multiasistencia resulta el activo más importante de la compañía. Son ellos quienes a través de su trabajo diario, impulsan la transformación digital dentro del sector asegurador. Por ello, siendo conscientes de su importancia y papel clave, consideramos fundamental su satisfacción, tanto en el plano laboral como en el personal.


The company's most important asset

The people who are part of Multiasistencia’s professional staff constitute the company’s most important asset. They are the ones who drive the digital transformation within the insurance sector through their daily work. We are aware of their importance and key role and therefore consider their satisfaction to be essential, both at work and at home.




Different nationalities




Average age


Average years of service


Hiring people facing the risk of social exclusion

Continuous training

The professional development of the people who are part of Multiasistencia is one of the strategic pillars of the company.

We are committed to the digital training of employees through programmes such as MultiTalent, which is an addition to the Talent Management Programme implemented by the company since 2011.

Through an e-learning portal, training activities are carried out for the entire group, providing greater agility and flexibility to the people development policy and covering the growing needs of a company in the midst of a process of international expansion.

To ensure the development of the professional career of people working at Multiasistencia we also implement tools that aid the professional growth of the team, in partnership with specialist companies:

  • Team management training for mid-level managers
  • Training in digital skills
  • Coaching programs for managers

Stability and diversity

Multiasistencia believes that stability is the best tool to enhance the commitment and vocation to always offer the best possible service. In this regard, the company’s internal data show that the average length of service of employees is 12 years.

There is also a continued commitment for including profiles facing risk of social exclusion. Over the last few years as part of our collaboration agreement with the Integra Foundation, we have added more than 100 people to our workforce in vulnerable situations such as victims of gender violence or people with some kind of disability.

Commitment to internal talent

Multiasistencia gives special importance to the emerging talent and the potential of all our employees. This is why we are strongly committed to the internal promotion of the people who work with us. Over the last two years, we have made 35 announcements to cover new positions internally within the company.

Furthermore, with the aim of retaining talent and promoting excellence, we continuously implement conciliation, training and CSR measures that contribute to improving the personal and professional well-being of all our employees.

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